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November 25, 2019

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Helpful Hints to Find a Good Fitter, Your Expectations and Questions to Ask During a Bike Fit

People love saddling during the spring season, no wonder it is the season when you will notice so many bikes on the roads. It also means that old pains and aches from cycling return, while others start developing, which cause most bike riders to visit their local bike fitter. You will not solve any problem with bike fits although they help. Keep reading to know of some bike fitting myths and also read on as we demystify the fitting process so that you get the best out of your next bike fit to visit.

The notion that you can assess a bike fitter experience through their bike fit system certification is wrong. The truth is that you should find out the fitter experience from him. The system of bike fitting regardless of the methodology used is simply a tool. You can use any fit system and still get a good fit, although you can approach one better than another because they all depend on various philosophies. The experience of the bike fitter is the most important aspect. But in case you experience a bad bike fit, it is not to mean that the method was bad. What it means is that the bike fit may have been in the hands of someone different so they didn’t produce the results as you expected.

Since 1980s, bikes have dramatically changed meaning even bike fitting has also changed. Much of that change has been directed by the equipment. One example is where quill stems are now being replaced with threadless ones or the one of having to use clipless pedals.

Bike fits are done on a static setting. The trainer holds the bike, so there is no movement beneath the rider. It means that peddling is done at a single intensity and a single position. People during a bike fit pretend to look good making it worse. All the above amounts to a fit that is not similar to the one that would have been done outdoors. You can only change a few bike pieces while it is in the lab but to optimize the position in a stationary environment can be misguiding.

To get a good fit do not put your mind to the thought that you are being examined. Continue riding and put more effort. Since you will not be thinking about it, you will notice that your position will change as you continue doing what you’ve been asked to do and maintain a stronger effort. Putting in a lot of pressure on the pedals can help the fitter to identify other areas that need to be addressed.

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